Friday, June 01, 2007

Kon: Someone tore open Spoiler's grave.

Well the whole saiyan invasion thing is pretty much done and over now. Even though some people are afraid veg head will now turn his people on us.Kal doubts it. I dunno .

Well Cyborg convinced me to come back to the Titans.So Now Zatarra gets to annoy me at least three days a week joy! Oh well I can deal with it, but I am still not wearing the tux he wants me to wear for whatever reason.

While surfing the net , and dodging Starbucks patrons, I got this weird report, That a girl's grave was just torn open. I read the name on the tombstone, and gasp. " Stephanie Brown." Spoiler Tim's Ex.

Oh no. Who the hell would do this ? Maybe one of Bats' enemies found out she was Robin for a little bit there? I guess I could leave for Bats to look into, but he went all weirdo when Cass got blown up. Don't even know if he knows she just kinda popped back into existence.

That was weird I wonder if that's what it looked like when I came back? Last Time I heard from Tim he was doing pretty good, Kept talking about this girl he met. and now If he hears about this well I imagine first this.

Then next super drinking spree! I like a little beer now and then but nothing like he was doing. And besides Superman already made me stop that. Ok So Now what Maybe with my powers I can find the sicko that dis this , and lay the smack down Before Robin has to hear of it?

So I'm gonna fly to Gotham! Joy! Man! Gotham's is like night to Metropolis' day. And every time I go there Bats insults me. I to the grave site. I keep lookin' at it tryin' to figure out what to do now.

Ok what would pop do? Use some microscopic vision to see if he can get clues. Well what's surprisin' is this was done by someone's hand not a shovel. I can see finger prints.

What's worse ya can tell someone just punched into the coffin. This is sick." Hey Kid!' Someone yells. " You a superhero?" I turn on this hunched over old dude. I mean this guy just screamed "Horror Movie cliche" for a grave yard caretaker.

" Yeah I am. So did ya see anything?"

" Yeah it was one of them damn saiyans that's been causing all the trouble, But he wasn't wearing all that weird armor. He was in a leather jacket, red shirt and jeans. " Oh no don't tell me.

" Was he with anyone ? " I ask hopin' It ain't who I think it is.

" Yeah some girl in black leather, I think she may be saiyan too but she didn't have a tail. And get this she had Batman's symbol on her chest."

Uh oh. " Did they look about my age? "

" Yeah as a matter of fact they did. "

" Thanks." Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAP! Is all I can think while flying for the second time in a week to West City. What was Vincent and Cass Thinking? Oh Rao! What if they didn't come back "right." I mean remember pet semetary? What if they are demons or zombies or something? I mean I some times worry that I'm not really the same Conner I was before I died.

Yet the whole Goin' To West City thing was a bust I use my telescopic, and X-ray vision And when I X-rayed Capsule Corp I saw..

Ew Ew Ew ew! Ok Bulma didn't look bad, but still ugh Vegeta gross! OK so now where? I guess I can fly back to Gotham see what i can find up there. Man I'm really gettin' my frequent flyer miles today. I start at the West Coast go to the East Coast , and then now back to the East Coast. At least this doesn't take hours anymore like it used too.

So I'm just kinda floatin' above the city tryin' to tune my hearin' to listen for either Vince or Cass' Voice yeah good luck there. She's always so quiet ) and usin' All my vision powers. Then i hear from behind me " Hey Superboy!"

" I ain't Superboy any more Call me Kon.." I turn and my heat vision goes crazy from what I see livin' dead Spoiler in Robin Costume with bad hair "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

She Jumps over the vision and kicks me.

She grins at me. " So is this some kind of fight team up thing Kon AAAAHHHHHH? just skip to the team up ' kay? I'm sorry but Superboy was a much better name. "

Oh Man! I ain't sure what to do here. I try punchin' at her. And I get hit with evil zombie gas!

" I'm so sorry Um Steph.. but I."

" Wait you know my name?"

" Yeah kinda after you died, look I know Ya think eatin' Tim's brains might be a good idea but.. "

She starts laughing Actually so hard she's holdin' her gut. " Oh man! Thanks for my first laugh since I came back you think I'm a zombie? Bwhahahahahhahahaha!"

" Your not where did that gas stuff come from?"

" Um a pellet in my utility belt, were did you think it came from?"

" Never mind.. How? "

She rolls her eyes at me. " You came back, from the dead , Superman did, Even freaking Jason Todd did, and your asking me such a dumb question? Cass and her pet alien wished me back."

" So. That's why your grave was opened up?"

" Yeah that kind of sucked waking up in my own coffin. I guess you know that too huh? "

I shrug. "Um no. I just kind woke up in a cornfield. They say I was given a whole new body."

" Lucky you." she snorts.

" So why are you in the robin costume? " I ask breaking the uncomfortable silence.

" My Spoiler costume was had grave mud all over it, I'm thinking of burning it. So how's Tim doing?"

Oh boy " Well he uh went into rehab. He had a drinking problem for a bit there. "

" Oh. " Was all I get here. Man Maybe I shouldn't say anything but it just slips out. "He met a girl."

She turns away and I hear her voice cracking a bit. " Um Ok I gotta go find Cass and Ape boy, are (sniff) going to tell Batman we're back."

" Me and my big mouth. " I'm sorry out came out like that. But um ya would have found out eventually. "

" Ok Kon AAAAHH!" She says before using a grappling hook ,and swinging off.

"It's Kon-El!" I shout.

Oh great. I guess I should Give Tim a call. or I could stay ourt of it, hmmm not sure if he should just walk into to the Batcave and find his formerly dead girlfriend alive and kicking. I don't know what to do here.


Nightwing said...

Yes, you tell Tim for me. Save me all the responsibility. HA! Oh wait,d amn Spoiler's back? Why doesn't anybody I love come back? HUH! Deathstroke blew up a building with my friends, girlfriend, partner and they're not coming back. Why are you even alive?

Kon-El said...

The Universe hates you for wearing tiny tiny shorts as a 19 year old?

Nightwing said...

AND women hate you for using those terrible pick up lines for, well, most of your life.

Nightwing said...

There's no question mark in the comment as it's more of a fact then a question.

Kon-El said...

Not many of them seem to hate me that,much Ya maybe thinkin' of Match. Heck The even hunt me down, at my house to sepnd time with me. Guess which girl did that. One hint Ya know her pretty well

Robin said...

Will you guys just STOP fighting. You both love women, some more responsibly then others. My point? Nightwing, you've slept with nearly the entire female community of superheroes and I'm not even going to bother delving in to what you've done as Grayson. Conner, you are REALLY making up lost time from your first life. But slow down, there is a tomorrow.
So try and get along or Ill convince Cass (both of em) to hurt ya all.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh the drama.

Kon-El said...

Robin: Fine it ain't like I got MR.I ain't good enough to be Batman boo hoo! around me.

Jon: yeah I know