Friday, April 27, 2007

I hate Mr. Mxyzptlyk

So Conner's went to that Game showLGS2 I was against it. Because He really needs to be in school. But Ma talked me into letting him that and he signed behind my back. According to the lawyers their contract is iron clad .

A Conner Kent Robot has been taking his place at Smallville High And beaming the information to Kon on Hacknor. The problem is he built it , and he's not very good at building these, It walked up in front of the class and stated singing "What a girl Wants." So when he returns he's going to find he has an interesting new reputation.

As for his replacement in the Titans? I think he wanted Vincent Briefs at first for some reason. When he refused, he asks someone else who as Kon put it" Wouldn't take no crap From Zatarra." And apparently that person Was Slo-bo.

The Titans may have been better off with a young Vegeta more than a young Lobo clone. Hopefully he knows what he's doing.

Worse than all this the 5th dimensional imp Mr Mxyzptlyk returned and did this to me.

As for the viking helmet on him? No clue. As you can imagine the whole day I've been getting comments. The worst were from the Flash at the JLA meeting.I was so relieved when I finally tricked him into saying his name backwards. I told him Krypto's name was Kyltzxym. And he called the dog too him. And poof! He's gone and I no longer look like I'm trying out for a mariachi band.

The only thing is my super sized headache returned when I realized he will be back. Ugh!


Nightwing said...

Nice hat.

Raven said...

I somehow doubt Wally would leave you alone, though please remind him that he did make out with a drunk Oliver.

The Heroslayer said...

I will destroy you! and the hat!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Nice 'stache, Supes.

Professor Xavier said...

Yeah, now who's a porn star?

cooltopten said...

Oh I love the mexican looking superman :)

Superman said...

Richard: Sigh

Raven : You know I think Batman took pictures of that.

Heroslayer: Your reign of terror has ended prepare to face Justice.

Jon: Just glad i don't have it anymore.

Professor: At least I'm not called the HEAD master.

Cool: The hat and Stche were ok , Not being able to take them off was trouble.