Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kon: Cassie has gone nuts .. again apparently

This morning Miss Martian was chasing some little kid around the tower.The kid had a teddy bear that I guess was Meagan's So glad Chris isn't here they can so they can annoy us together. Though I wish these Starbucks' customers would watch their kids so they'll stop just wandering around. I mean no impressionable mind should have to see Zatara.

this week has sucked. I mean right after the whole saiyan nonsense. Now Amazons have come out of no where and are attacking people. So the authorities has been locking up people that Are connected to them.

This made Wondergirl, and Supergirl freak out. Is it me or is everyone involved with this on drugs? Any way. we try to stop Cassie and Kara from making a big mistake making this stupid situation worse.

And she starts fighting us. During this she yells how none us supported her. i try to calm her down and she shouts "You died on me!"

" Yeah couldn't help that." I respond. "It's not like I could say 'Hey Superboy Prime! Why don't you, you know not try to destroy the world.' "

" Well Conner you could try not drooling after everything female you know! All I ever was was arm candy to you you never cared about me !"

" That's not true.. I start to say before Kara smacks me. I wake up and it's all over. And Cassie is gone. I think we maybe broke up. Damn this just sucks.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Well you know she does have a point. You are a bit of a horndog there you know.

Professor Xavier said...

I'd have to second that.

Superman said...

I have to agree with you both.