Sunday, November 04, 2007

Robin thinks he has problems with dead?

So Tim Comes in yelling. "The dead are talking to me!"

" Your lucky they are just talking to you." I sigh.

" Huh?" Robin asks.

" They aren't appearing in front of ya, or yellin' at ya are they?"

" Um No." He responds. "Conner Are you feeling okay?"

" Come with me Tim. I lead him to room and show him the annoying ghost that's been haunting me for weeks. "

" You Took Cassandra's Virginity!" " the tattooed loser ghost yelled pointing at me.

" Which one?" I yell.

" hey! I saw this kid in Bludhaven." Robin rubs his chin. " Yeah Your Cass' Ex. the loser.That I wanted to beat up!"

I laugh. "I can see why he is pretty whiny. So the Cass he dated was Cain right? what's this douche's name. "

" Zero." Tim said.

" BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Ah jeez the name describes the guy."

The ghost whines at me again. " She made out with me than had sex with you!"

I smile. " Well I ain't a tattooed whiner, And if your ghost is any indication ya didn't take baths in life. And there's one big difference between us dude. "

" Yeah?" the ghost looks up.

" I'm hot dude."

" You wish Conner!" Ravager walks by yelling. " that and your extremely tiny downstairs!"

How many times do I have to tell people this? " It ain't true! Cass lied about that!!!!"

I turn my attention back to loser ghost. " Why ain't ya hauntin' Cass herself or Vincent? I mean I only had the one time with her. "

" Yeah and ya almost turned her off guys small fry!" Ravager chuckles.

" There ain't no way her boyfriend is that much bigger than me!" I yell.

" Your slutty cousin took pictures of him back when they dated. , and yeah he is." Ravager. states.

" Any way. Why are you haunting me?" I ask the ghost again ignoring Ravager.

" Because I was supposed to sleep with her !" Again with the damn whining. " And the saiyan boy ignores me. Or he sleeps with Cass In front of me then he shows off. And finally his sister banished me with a ring. "

" Wow pathetic in life , and worse as a ghost." Tim grins. " Glad i set her up with Vincent. He's a step up from you."

" Fine I'll haunt you Robin."

" After living with Batman a loser ghost isn't going to bother me. " He chuckles "So go for it.

The ghost yells that's it "I'm going to go and cut myself!" He tries to grab A knife I have in room and his hand goes through it Then he huddles in the corner and cries. i throw a whole bunch of blankets over him. Though they go through him after a while piling them means I can't see him. I'll am so calling an exorcist. or I'll get a Green Lantern to Banish him . I wonder If I still have those black mail pics of Guy Gardener?


Black Widow said...

ok I think Fury is going to be haunted by alot of dead people now

Kon-El said...

I guess.