Friday, November 23, 2007

Arena of stupid

Somehow me and Batman were taken to some place between realities to battle other versions of ourselves. While we waited to battle he complained the whole time to me about Conner.

"What he did was irresponsible,and borderline psychotic. Building a love bot is something Lex Luthor would do not Superman."

I roll my eyes. " He's not Lex. He just doesn't think before he acts a lot of times. He's being punished so stop worrying about it. "

" Perhaps you should try to figure out why he keeps acting out." Batman growls. " Hell Kara is now beginning to act more normal ."

I took a little offense at that. Sure Supergirl had a rough time fitting in when she first came to the planet. But she's gotten past her issues, and is doing quite well now days.

" So. How's Jason doing these days?" I ask.

" That's a low blow Clark."

Before I can respond, It's my turn to fight. All the alternate versions of me I fought were strange .. to say the least.

I never thought I would miss fighting Ultraman, Nazi Superman, Or Soviet Superman. I wish I knew what the point of fighting these other "Supermen" is.


Shiara said...

again scary

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Do you think people might not be able to tell the Supermen apart?

Robin said...

Try and have some fun (at Bat's expense).

Superman said...

Shiara: yes it is.

Jean-Luc: Only Daerdevil.

Robin: Okay.