Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kon: Hey HS..

So HS is angstin' bout his dad being reverted mentally to a seventeen year old.

" And he doesn't.. know mom thinks I'm crazy and worse he keeps trying to go back into his own Universe...."

"Uh huh uh huh..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. "

" Conner! Hey Conner! Am I boring you? "

" Eh? Wha? Aw no man, It's just that hey ya know magic and stuff right?"

" Yeah a little why?"

I smile. "Sweet maybe ya can help me out with a problem pal."

I take him to Titans' tower, and of course Ravager whistles at him as usual not that it matters.. Because she don't matter. I open up my room. " That. Can ya get rid of it? "

"A crying ghost of some dude?" HS asks.

" Yeah. He constantly whines, cries , and he won't let me sleep. Please can ya do something?"


Anonymous said...

Okay I am on it

hey brimstone doesn't stink

Nightwing said...

Is it the whiney little bitch Zero? I kinda missed him when he died, because that meant there was nobody to use as a punching bag.

Maybe I could upgrade to Connor Hawke?

Kon-El said...

Hs: Cool

And it don't smell good.

Nightwing.: Yup and he's not so fun to hit when you can't touch him.

Go for Connor Hawke sounds fun.