Friday, November 09, 2007

Misadventures in ghostbusting part one.

So HS says an angel can help us huh? I know an Angel who used to be on the JLA Zauriel.I jump up and grab him because ya know every time heroes meet we gotta fight first. He zaps me with some magic and I fall.

" Why did you attack me? I'm telling Superman how you treated me! " he flies off.

" Kon, if you wanted him to help us why did you attack?" HS shakes his head.

" It's superhero etiquette first ya fight then ya team up. Someone forgot to tell Zauriel ."

Hs rolls his eyes. " perhaps we should try something else Kon, do you know where Zero's body is?"

I think for a second." No, but i know someone who might. The chick I "stole" from from him Batgirl. "

" Ya know Kon we could have avoided all of this if you didn't do the whole one night stand , love and leave ' em thing."

" Yeah yeah! On to West City faithful Sidekick!"

He sighs. " Do you want me to help you?"

" Sure." I say.

" Then don't call me sidekick."

I smile " Sure old chum!"

" Let's go You know I like you better when you actually sleep."

" Yeah when we get rid of of whiny, I'll stop that."

Ya know what's weird about Team Legacy's House? It ain't that well Superheroish. ya know the X-men ,Avengers, and Batman all live in these mansions. While Legacy just lives in a house. Maybe Nightwing coulda helped them gave them a big giant "L " to live in or something.

Well we knock on the door and it just kinda opens me and HS think evil giant avocado monster or prissy supervillian attack. Nope It was just Gwen leaves the door open when she goes outside.

And we walk into this room to find Stephanie and Cassandra dancing. when Steph dips Cass I yell " Woah! I always knew you two were an item!"

Spoiler gets my hopes up with. "Yes you came in right before we were about shower together, and have a pillow fight in our underwear."

Sweet. Then Cassandra has to destroy my fantasy with. Um.. I love Vincent.. And um.. How would we um.. you don't have a ... "

Then Stephanie answers with. " Cass. Don't worry about it. I'm just messing with these two's tiny boy minds."

I smirk. " You know Cass if your curious I have some DVDs... "

She interrupts me and asks me what I was doing there. " well what can you tell us about Zero?" HS interrupts.

" Bad kisser... " Cass starts with her looking for words thing. . " I was.. younger.. dumb. "

I smile. " Yeah that's why ya spent your first time with me right? I'm a good kisser."

" Yes." My ego soars. " Your just bad at... everything else. " And it plummets to floor , and is beaten to death. " Why do you care about Zero?"

" His ghost is haunting me. " I explain. " And my bud HS says we should try to find his body and bury it. "

Then Cass Starts sobbing. " He's.. at Bludhaven.. With all the others... I couldn't save them.. I left to find my mother. .. " She then wanders sulks off to her cave hideout. I know how it feels when you can't save someone like me failing to save Tana.

So I decide to pretend I wasn't bothered. " Ya know Steph I see why Tim likes ya ." After she lectures me on upsetting Cass then we fly off before Vincent with his supersaiyan jealousy decides to show up. Or Inertia, well if he ever found his way off Bizarro World.

I fly a little further. And HS catches up . " Hey what happened to you bck there? "

" What do ya mean?" I try to avoid the subject.

" I mean after Cass was talking about not being able to save Bludhaven you went all weird."

I sigh. " The first woman I loved was murdered. Ya know after losing evreyone from Spoiler to all her friends at Bludhaven I can see why Cass decided to get one of them back. "

" you want to talk about it?" he asks.

" No not really. " I change the subject. " Rao this is gonna be tough. Finding one body in that crater of the dead Bludhaven has become."

" Well we could try something else. " HS Shrugs.

" Nah. We'd likely end up doin' this anyway . " I grin. " On to Bludhaven Old Chum!"

He shakes his head. " This is going to be a long trip."


Robin said...

Just bad at everything else?

Hahahahahaha, I'm sorry man, I know I'm your friend but I can't help but laugh.

But Cass can really shoot (or bataran'g) a person down.

Professor Xavier said...

Bludhaven sounds like fun. Do they have discount rates for children?

Kon-El said...

Robin: yeah ... geat.

Prof: Oh it' the suckiest show on Earth free for all just bring yer barf badg