Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kon: misadventures in ghost busting part 2

Ya know Bludhaven wasn't that awesome when it was still built up. It was like Gotham's ugly sister. Now it's a big hole in the ground, with the stench of Chemo Everywhere.

I was pulling out bodies and burying them at super speed , With HS continually going " Nope! No."

Then pieces of Chemo attacked me . They just jumped off the bodies And engulfed me. HS burned them off.

" Kon Are you alright?"

" No! it's horrible!" I shout.

" What are you hurt? "

" No it ruined my favorite shirt!"

" Conner be serious." HS moans.

Well it's kinda hard to do dude with this needle in the haystack thing we're doin'. No way we can find Zero's body to bury it in hey... wait a second."

" What is it Conner? You got something?"

" Yeah I think so, If Cass' old apartment is still there I think we'll find loser's body."

I lead HS to the area, and we throw a bunch of rubble. outta the way until we get inta what was left of Batgirls's old apartment.

"I don't see him anywhere Kon." HS States.

" Hmmm. " I start rubbing my chin. " If I was a loser stalker who couldn't get any Where would I be if I was in the object of my obsession's apartment?"

" I don't know dude You'd have to be pretty perverted to even think Like Zero." HS thinks.

" Eureka!" I shout " The underwear drawer!"

We walk though the corridor and I use TTK Clear away the last of the rubble and melted stuff and lo and behold There is a skeleton in Bad clothes holding a bra in one hand and panties up to his face in the other. What a weirdo.

" Well we found it! on to the burial! Old chum!"

" Why do you do that?" HS asked.

" You've never seen my dad slip caffeine pills in Batman's decaf coffee using his speed have you?" I smile.

" No." Hs Admits.

" Well he talks like that when he's on a caffeine high calling Robin Old Chum And yelling to The Batpoles it's hilarious!"

" Okay Pal. Let's bury this guy and get out of this pit. "

So we bury the body and put up a head stone. I burn " Loser into it with my Heatvision and HS rolls his eyes.

We get back to Titan's tower. And find not only Zero ghost still there, being lame. But Robin hiding behind my entertainment center. With Kara on on my chair looking confused.

" Kara do I even wanna know what's goin' on in here?"

" I just walked up to Robin and said hi. He ran in here and hid."

I shrug." Bat family issues? Hey rob! Whatcha doin?"

" Is that Steph out there?"
He looks worried.

" No Kara." My cousin from Krypton." He comes out and Wonder Girl walks in to the door. " AAh! Steph!'

" Okay. " Cassie shakes her head. " What's with him?"

" I dunno, As you can see I still have the ghost. "

" Life is meaningless." The ghost states.

" Ya aren't even livin!" I shout. " What will it take to get rid of you?"

" I want what you stole from me a night with Cassandra , the other one not the blonde."

" Hey! " Cassie yells. " Why not? Wait what am I saying ? Your weird. I don't care if you like me."

Robin shrieks from under my bed now, Yeah he's gonna have to leave there soon. " You are not touching my little sister emo!" Ya know it's times like this I miss Bart he would enjoy this chaos. I call HS over.

" Okay huddle like in football. He wants Cassie Cain I say we give her to him."

" Dude I am not pimping out my uncle's girlfriend to a dead guy."

"I didn't say your uncle's girlfriend pal.The Cassie Cain he'll be gettin' busy with ain't the one that's in West City Or in Gotham I can't keep up where she is any way it won't be that one."

" I don't follow Conner."

" I'll explain on the way to the Fortress of Solitude. "


Anonymous said...

I dont think it will work

Nightwing said...

You know Bludhaven wasn't THAT bad.

Bad, but not baaadddd.

Am I making any sense?

And underwear draw? Cass's underwear draw?????!!!!!

I'm going to go punch a wall.

Kon-El said...

HS " Well we'll never find ouut now.

Nightwing: MAybe we should Wish Zero back so you can punch him?