Saturday, April 07, 2007

Round 1 Kon VS Vincent

I was in the tower with Raven she got through doin' some kind of chanting thing around me. " Well?" I ask.

" You have the same soul you did before you died Conner. In the in any way it matters you are the same person."

" Yeah but Lex said I'm in a different body. And Bats is checking my DNA. "

"Possible." She says. "When you were wished back, magic was in flux. Who knows what kind of side effects it could have had. It doesn't matter. Your body is just a shell. Your still you."

"Well that's all I need to know." I cheer up knowing I'm the real Kon is a relief. " I'm off to the tournament now ."

" Have fun." I think she may have cracked a smile for a second.

" Don't I always?" I remark. before flying out. Ya know this pamphlet that Vince gave me had the worst directions ever. I mean the island was around Japan but with these damned directions, I somehow ended up in Antarctica.

Anyway I had to use telescopic vision , but I finally got there.

And HS Yelled at me for being late he wanted to be in some kinda tag team., thing well that and he caught me checkin' out his ex-girlfriend while she was workin' out.

" Hey! It ain't like you two are still together!"

" What if Wonder Girl caught you ?"

" If I can deal with walking in on her making out with a Johnny Depp poster, She can deal with with me lookin'. "

" Your eyes were white! I know that means X-ray vision! Not that you were trying to hide it You said it on international television when you drew your participation number! "

I shrug.

He sighs " You make it hard to be friends with you some times. I can't believe I have to fight her in this man!This sucks!"

" I pat him on the shoulder . " Hey you did pretty good fighting Wolverine. She's a lot like him. except with curves, and boobs, no icky body hair and a birth mark on her..."

" Kon! " He shouts at the same time, The announcer guy calls my name.

" I gotta go, But remember she's been trainin' with Nightwing for a couple of weeks. We both know that trainin' would get a sound track Of Chicka chicka wow wow!"

"Thank you for that thought!" He screams before I run into Bart.

" Hey man! Did you give the CD to the guys in the sound booth?"

He gives me a thumbs up sign. " yes did I can't believe your doing this it's kind of funny."

" That's why I'm doin' it. Your the man Bart!"

They kept callin' my name. Finally Vincent laughed. " That coward isn't coming out here." That was when the cheer leaders wearing Black shirts with red S Shields Came out and Start doing splits While Cheering" You Think your something because you look like your daddy ? Well you have to ask your self are you ready? If it wasn't for Cassandra you would have to resort to using a bucket We're to give you a message With two words! Suck it!"

While he's staring At the girls they start spelling out my name in the cheer. Then " Are you ready?" Comes out over the speakers.

I hear Cassie Sandsmark. say " He wouldn't really come out to a theme song and embarrass us all would he? "

" Yes he would Robin." responds.

Over the loud speakers they hear Think you can me what to do? Think you can tell me what to wear? You think that your better? Well you better get ready to bow to the master! Break it down!
I come out dancing to laughter and cheers. I can see Supes as Clark up in the stands Laughing while Lois is rolling her eyes.

Kon is something fool!Just got tired of doing what you told me to do! Them's the breaks boy! Yeah! Them's the breaks little man! Break it down! Kon- El!

Meanwile all the cheer leaders Take of their shirts revealing halter tops that say Vince sucks! on 'em I almost in the ring I use my TTK to make some harmless explosions around me hey I gotta have pyro.

Think you can tell me what to do? Know who your talking to? You'd better get usd to the way the ball bounces! I see what you've got it measures in ounces But that's the breaks boy yeah Them's the breaks little man! brak it down! Kon-El!

I wink at Wondergirl While flexing for while the my poor half saiyan opponent is dumbfounded. " Oh Hera ! What is he thinking?" Cassie asks Tim.

" I'm still trying to figure out how he got cheerleaders!" Robin answers.

I start doing the DX chop at Vinnie. Yup I think I'm gettin' him mad .

Think your a big man? Treat you like a little man! What's it like to be half a man? does it break your heart to see what I am boy? That's the breaks boy that's the breaks little man! break it down!"

Finally the music fade out and the guy I'm fighting Hmphs " Have your fun windbag?"

" Yup. Too bad your not going to Your going home battered and bruised I hope Batrgirl knows first aid."

" Bah! Enough talk now we fight! "

The rules are explained, no kicking the family jewels or, gouging the eyes.No killing and weapons are allowed though they haven't been in previous years not that I use them. then he yells " Fight" Cass Cain asks us both if we really need to do this?

I say " Ask your boy toy."

" Enough Stalling!" He growls! I charge and throw a punch through an illusion, he left with his speed. he appears behind me and punches me in he nose I see he's blonde now. And my nose is bleeding.

" This is going to be easier than I thought! " He boasts.

I grab him trying to grapple him into a hold he slips out of his jacket and kicks me in a kidney. While I'm reeling Several super speed punches go into my gut. I cough trying to catch my breathe and one cough blows him away Woah! I have that power now?

" I didn't know you had super breathe!" He responds astounded.

" I don't!" I stammer. " At least I didn't. "

" It doesn't matter ." He smirks "Big Bang Attack!"

Wow that hurt . I gotta do something here.He starts walking confidently toward me. Wait he's walking on the ring as long as we're touching the same thing, I can affect him with tactile telekinesis.

I make the concrete beneath him explode he jumps up yelping. I slam my knee in his solar plexus, making him struggle for air. Next a nice right cross to his jaw throws him across the ring.

He catches himself, before falling out of the ring. "So you can fight." he spits out blood. He runs at me and I play his illusion trick back on him. he's so shocked that I kick him in the back of the head.

He recovers but is a little wobbly for a second. I unleash some heat vision he knocks it away but I use this to land an uppercut. he flies up for several feet and starts floating trying to shake the cobwebs. I charge him And again he does the after image thing, But I've adjusted my vision to catch it, and I do the same thing to him we keep, trying to sucker each other until finally we slam into each other causing a sonic boom.

He catches me with a open palm on the chin, I feed him my elbow. A spin kick gets me in the chest. I Grab him, and choke slam him into the ring. He screams gathering powers and fires a Galick Gun that I deflect with heat vision.

After which I get my eye socked by his fist. When I land I use TTK to stick him in place. " I can't move!" He protests.

" I know. " I grin. "Now let's see how you like some Heatvision at maximum power."

I poor it on. Hearing his screaming makes me think about stopping, but I keep bathing him in it. until I notice that the people in the audience are starting to get hot too. So I shut it off.

" Damn! !" Vince stutters. " The sun keeps you going, keeps restoring your power. While I'm running low. Looks like I'll have to use the new form!"

This weird energy gathers around him, and he gets bigger with more muscles His hair goes from spiky to crazy The Punch he gets me with Makes the eyes roll in the back of my head, and I black out for a sec, I wake up to the ref counting "4! 5!" I jump up real quick.

" Ha! Almost finished you that time " Vincent brags. " Next time you go down you won't get up! "

I rub my face , ow I gotta black eye. I don't talk just watch as he tries to land another shot, I dodge it, and catch the next with a block. I head butt him making both or foreheads bleed.

" Idiot!" he shrieks.

" Yeah. Wasn't one of my brightest moments but this might be." I use my ttk to toss all the rubble In the ring. at him.

While he's stunned I smack him with a flurry of lefts and rights.Ok he's reeling now. He hollers and his fist right and hand starts glowing. " You will be finished now! Super Ki Punch!"

" Boy! No!" vegeta orders from the sidelines. I don't know why he doesn't ant his kid to not use this move but I know one thing I don't wanna be hit by it. I duck it grab his arm ,and use his momentum to to toss him into the ring.

He crawls out of the big hole. Where I toss a super kick at his chin . Now he's dazed, and I knee him in the gut again grab the back of his arms And use HHH's Pedigree move on Him this is basically I jump and slam his face into the floor.

he starts getting up I try to kick his ribs. but he grabs my foot and uses it to slam me into the ring when I get up to me knees he knock me into the air. When my vision clears I see him flying towards me.

I avoid a left hook and knock my forearm into his fore head.

he start s falling I grab his shirt collar Fly at a faster speed higher, and Higher until I get about a hundred stories up. I then put him into pile driver position and lets us drop into the ring. He slams head first When the dust clears he gets up. wobbles a bit, His hair turns black, he shrinks, and falls on his face while I'm mocking with " Timber!"

The ref counts to ten , and I'm declared the winner. I do the " you can't see me gesture And a DX chop over Ko'd Vincent then leave the ring. Cass Cain Gives me a look a bad look great I hope I haven't lost a friend now.

Some the announcer ask me for my thoughts on this match I shrug. " I don't know why the guy's mad at me, he wanted this fight, and he got it. I'd like to thank Superman Batman, Wonder, Woman, and girl, Lobo, Spidey , and whoever else helped in my training."

I walk back to the locker room thinking this win is kinda bittersweet.


Henchman432 said...

Nice Job, kid.

Nightwing said...

Though we don't get along, I'd just like to say congratulations on the win, those cheerleaders love winners so get in there and BEWARE THE ADAMANTIUM GLOVES OF CASS-WRATH.

Professor Xavier said...

Pretty impressive. Sounds like a real right of passage.

Kid Flash said...

Since you won, can you buy ME ice cream annnndddd a balloon. Not a plain one, the shiny ones. Oh and, well I'm not really in to this but you are, there are some "hawt" metahumans hanging round the park area. But yeah, ice cream. Please.

Kid Flash said...

You ended up in Antartica? I think its got more to do with you're just really bad at directions. Remember how when we were in Young Justice and we originally intended to take a road trip to Miami, but ended up in 30th Century! Who was driving, Kon?

Kon-El said...

Henchman: thanks

Night wing: Yeah I have to face 'em sooner than I thought.

"Prof X : I guuess so. thanks.

bart Gimme my wallet!

KidFlash: Hey I got distracted by you jumpin' up and down singing jit me baby one more time , and tim trying to steal my Wendy the Werewolf stalker vidoes