Thursday, April 05, 2007

Watcha Gonna do Vincent? When Konamania runs wild on you Brother?

Quick Update from Conner. Since I healed up from my K-bullet wounds. ( Little worried about Lex having 'em now. ) I've taken a crash course in fighting 101 from Batman , Spider- man , Robin, Thor, Lobo, And of course the S-man himself.

I fought Carnage too. But that was more a good guy versus bad guy thing. And I'll show it all too you in a blurry video game music video , that well is a pretty good simulation of the training.

Um a note too Bats,Sorry about breaking the giant penny I'll fix that after the tournament. It is kinda depressing Since Wonder Woman told me I need to lay off the cheese puffs, and Big Belly Burgers.

I don't know why that ain't ever affected me before. Also You should look in Superman's fridge one time It's like infested with candy. Which why I've been avoiding his , and Lois' apartment.

Man It's scary, there are going to be some tough hombres in this . Though I hope I draw Cyclops In the first round he'd be an easy warm up. Or Wonder Man! I can take Wonder man! Not so sure about Wonder Woman kinda hope she doesn't enter. She's like scary powerful.

I'm pretty sure I can take Vinnie Briefs. yeah it does bother a little that he's being trained by Veg, and Batgirl. But he also goes into rages. So I'll be okay. Just gotta take him off his game.

Also Ravager , and the others laughed at me for watching WWE all this time. Mostly Rose.Not too sure about Jericho. But I just put a mirror up to him , that broke thanks to his ugly costume and bad hair. He hasn't bothered me since.

I dare you not to laugh at that. Well the thing about the WWE is I'm now Not a half bad grappler. As the Rhino can attest to after I made him cry from putting him a STFU.

That and have you seem some of the babes they have wrestling there?

Well I'm gong to leave on this Vincent Your gonna get a beat down. Are you ready?


Big Joe Fixit said...

yer a strange kid.

Deathstroke said...

The fact that you have been accepted in to this tournament really makes me question it's worth, especially if you the irresponsible, horny, brat win. Say hello to Rose and Jericoh for me.

Kon-El said...

Hulk: This comin' from the dude of a hundred personilities is a compliment.

Deathstroke. Well you could a tried to join in but I would kick your butt: again. This comin' from insane bad villian who used to be a cool merc waaaay back when , and Is a well known buyer of Kiddie Porn? Yeah I'll take your stuff as a compliment too.