Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Round3 :Wonderman Sucks

I wake up with Cassie ( Wonder Girl.) Shaking me. " You feel OK?"

I sit for a minute. " Yeah. I seem to heal more like Superman now. Can't believe Cass did that."

She laughs. " Love makes you act funny."

" Love?" I ask. " You think Cass loves that arrogant half saiyan ?"

" You mean you don't see the way she looks at him? That, and he's probably the only one that hasn't called her evil . Well besides you. "

I shrug. " Well I guess since I was dead through most of her evil phase I came in from the perspective of a guy that knew her a year ago, and Vince never knew her before Robin told her about him."

Wondergirl Sighs. " Well anyway yeah it's obvious to anyone if you see how they act together. And can you really talk about arrogant half aliens? I mean look at you."

"Ok. Guilty as charged." I laugh. " So who am I fightin'?"

" Wonder Man." She replies .

" Sweet! I'll be back here in a few seconds. "

"Wait."She says before grabbin' me and kissing me. " For luck."

Awesome! I walk out to the ring with loser boy staring at me. The ref giy AsPulls me aside. " please take this guy we don't want them in the Semi finals. "

" No Prob." I smile.

" You think you can take me?" Wonder man shakes his head. " I'm an Avenger dude and your a pathetic ripoff of the Man of Steel."

" What?" I demand.

" Yes you should have stayed dead! At least Wondergirl would have been with a real superhero , Robin. Your redundant ! We all know your never going to be Superman! Your a screw up who no one missed when he died. What are you going to cry or are you trying to say something? well What is it? what are you going to say?"

" BURN!" I unleashed my full Heatvision on the dork. After a few minutes of this he yells. " No more I give up ! "

" Winner! KON-El by submission!" the ref Announces. Me I'm goin' back to Wonder girl.

Oh and Batman? Ya know the whole revealing you were behind the whole Cass evil thing? Well this is my tribute to you buddy! Enjoy you mind manipulating, make up ways to kill your friends, OMAC creating, paranoid freak that lives in a cave.


Professor Xavier said...

I agree, it's time to put Batman in his place. He thinks he's a law unto himself.

batman said...


Kon-El said...

Professoer : Yes it his .

Batman: truth hurts huh?