Friday, April 13, 2007

Round2:Sometimes winning ain't worth it.

I gotta fight Cass? Argh! Someone I was close with before, and a friend now. I mean I defied Tim to go see what was up with her heel turn. And she really didn't go bad she was drugged.

Now I gotta fight her in this tournament. Hmmm I could pull an HS. No if I do that, the crowd is gonna kill me. I enter the ring with no theme music or dancin' Cass waves at me sweetly.

Ok Conner what do you know about her? She does this cool thing with her... No Kon! Ok Start thinkin' her measurements are .. No Bad Conner! Bad! Ok Time to be serious. She can read my movements but if I move too fast for her to see that Ain't gonna be a problem I could just fly to her set her out of the ring, and that's it.

The fight begins. Ok go with the plan. She walks up to me, and smiles, Opens her hand, with those weird metal gloves she's been wearing . You know I seen similar ones on Batman once.

I think she's gonna shake my hand , but instead she punches me in the balls. The " Klang!" sound will be in my nightmares for years. Damn gloves this hurts, a lot.

The ref stops the fight. " Contestant Cassandra Cain is disqualified Winner Kon-El!"

I don't feel like a winner as I lay in the fetal position. My eyes blur with tears. I Mean this is bad pain, and I think she put maximum effort into the punch.

I look up at her as she's looking down at ,me. " Conner I'm sorry. But I have no choice. I don't want you, and Vincent fighting. I hate being um stuck in the middle of you two. Your my friend he's my .. boy. There will not be a rematch."

I squeak out. " I didn't start this."

" I know." she sighs. " But you went into this stupid fight and you hurt him.You even mocked him after winning. I want you two to play nice if not ... act like friends ... at least be civil. This is a warning Kon.To both of you. If if either one of you tries to fight again, the one that started it gets this."

I moan because that's all I can do. She pats me on the head. "I'll take that as a 'ok'." She leaves the ring calling her 'boy's' name. Me I lay there for a little bit. Until I can feel my legs again, I weakly go back to the locker room I'll have to lay on bench for about an hour. Man this was the worst win in history.


Robin said...

Ouch, just...ouch. I mean that's just so, so, so...maybe Cass is really evil (to put it lightly).

Kon-El said...

or maybe the whole " I'm gonna fix her up with Vegeta's son." thing ain't workin' out so well. i guess we;'d know for sure if she called me a loser , and yelled she was the princess of all saiyans.

Nightwing said...

Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm sorry, that's not me laughing it's me and the Outsiders. Klang! May haunt your nightmares but it'll make me laugh for years to come. That's gonna be on my Christmas card to ya, KLANG!
Are you and Wonder Girl still dating because she has a cute butt? Not that I'd hit on her considering that she's 16. Yeah and Arsenal say's that you should come join us with prank calling Oliver's ex girlfriends.

Bra Briefs said...

Bah! She had better not call herself that! I'm the saiyan Princesss! Hmph!

Robin said...

Oh and another thing, for breaking my rule and seeing Cass you're gonna have to clean the Titans training room with out using superspeed. I know you often just ignore the speed rule so Raven and Zachary will be supervising you.

batman said...

I think it has something to do with you getting her drunk that time and her ending up spending the night in the cave vomiting on Alfred. Maybe Vincennt won't do such iresponible things to her.