Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sweet! I made it to the semi finals!

There is some good news, and some bad news. Good news I've been named co leader of the Teen Titans. The leader is Zachary Zatara, and not only that, I signed up for the reality show LGSII.

And The Boudakai is gonna last a little longer. Well I go up to the ring with this guy "Donar". Ya know This guy's name sounds familiar somehow. Wait he's a mythological god.

Yeah it's a Celtic name for another god Greek? No that don't make no sense. Wait I remember from mythology class. Donar is..... Oh man ya gotta be kidding me. I use my x-ray Vision. on his beard .

" Oh Rao!" I declare. " Your Th...."

He punches me before I say his complete name. That was a hard punch I passed out for a second. I snap out of it I'm flying out like Hercules I use that momentum and fly at super speed, I slammed into the god.

" So what are ya doin' here?" I ask as the guy just gets up not really seeming to be hurt.

" While training you ,all you told me of this tournament interested me. I thought it would be great sport as it has been so far. I don't want to hurt you child. Give up you have defeated your rival."

" No chance you maybe a lot stronger than me but the Kon Man ain't a quitter. "

I fire some heatvision. it hurts the dude but He calls to the sky's. I barely have enough time to put up a TK shield . The electricity cuts through it like a hot knife through butter. Stupid magic.

While I'm recovering he kicks me a few times. I throw some super speed punches. They rock him, but not enough as he backhands me away.I shake the cobwebs outta my head. And try freeze breathe. I mean I ain't ever had the power before , but since I had now have super breathe Well I might have it.

After a couple of times of trying, I got it too work. It encased him in a big block of ice. That he easily shattered. Why am I not surprised? Strong winds batter into me.

Next thing I know his elbow goes into my nose. While I'm on the ground healing.I put my hand on the ring , and use Tactile Tk to make concrete explode beneath him.

While he's stunned, I go in for a kick that he grabs next thing i know He slams me into the ground like a club. as i get feeling back into my body. I notice i feel grass. Oh Man I'm outta the ring!

" Winner Donar!" The Ref shouts. As I get up Donar slaps me on the shoulder. " That last one was fine shot! it hurt me indeed! You have nothing to be ashamed of lad. You fought well, your Father will be proud."

"Thanks. " I mumble. Man I lost! This sucks! Then again I lost to a god so no biggie.

Zachary Zatara AKA Douchebag claps. " Way to lose! Now can we go back to the tower We need to train."

Where does he get off? Ordering people around? I mean I 've been a founding member of Young Justice, and this version of the Titans. Not only that but I once led the Ravers. What has Zatara done? Besides gettin' punched in the face by Black Adam I can't think of anything.

" Look I gotta go to Hacknor. I'll be back as soon as I can but I have to go like now. "

" What? Your not going anywhere Mr. Man!" He orders. " We have to to train."

" Wow I can't believe it I snicker. " Your mad voice is much higher than Robin's But look i signed up for this thing long before the whole Boudokai mess. And I gotta go. I'm sorry dude but I'm taking my vacation. And I'll tell ya , I'll be glad to be away from you.

I look over to uptight Vincent and Cass who's staring at him in a way that says " I want to have your saiyan puppies." Or cubs or whatever the heck ya call them. "Hey Vince want my place in the Titans until I get back? "

He snorts. " The way Titans have been dying lately? No thanks I want to live."

Cass hits him. " You... should say yes."

" What why? " Vince protests.

I leave the two lovebirds to their fight. And intercept Vegeta on his way to the ring. " Hey um ho do you get to Hacknor?"

" Why do you want to know?" He sneers. " There is a transporter outside of West City. Probably one outside of Metropolis too. Not staying to see the final round eh?"

" Nah Man! I'm like totally late for LGS!"

He laughs. " They are doing that again are they? Farewell. "

" Yeah HS, Said he'd tape the next couple of fights for me. So later!"

Before I fly toward West City, Cass stops me. " Your... leaving Earth?"

" Yeah. Why you wanna hit me in the crotch again?"

" You know... Why I hit you there... I don't want to be stuck in middle of your fight. And I .. Um care for ... him I don't want him to be hurt."

" I get it I really do." I answer. " Look I'm all for having a truce, i don't even know why we were fightin' If that's all Cass I gotta go."

"Will you be gone... forever? Is it because I hit you there? I'm sorry... don't go. ... you.. Vincent .. and Vella are the only ones who trust me... My only friends since Steph died. "

I'm stunned. " It has nothing to do with you kiddo. Man Your a little paranoid huh? Batman will be proud."

" Paranoid?" she asks.

" Never mind you really don't need to know what it means.I'm not leaving forever I'll be back. Just taking a vacation like Robin , without the drunken slurring." I pat her on the head. " I'm only a little mad at you Dingbat."

" So your coming ... back? Dumb Jock?"

" Yup."She hugs me and don't notice the sign I tape to her back that says Kon Is better than Vincent. Thus my lame vengeance is complete !I fly to the thing that in West City that has a bum sleeping on it.

I mess with it a bit and it finally starts up,and asks " Where do you want to go? Dex's Diner? " Um where? " Tatooine" Huh? "Sky City?" Um. "Daxam?" Yeah a planet where I'll have no powers I really wanna go there. " Hacknor? "

Yes! I push the button, and after the taste of tin foil. I'm there. Me and the bum. Who slurs. "Man that must have been some good liquor."

"Uh Yeah." I say "I'm only in your mind." I gotta figure out where I go from here.


Professor Xavier said...

That whole co-leader thing is bogus. Usually it's the result of a salary demand. A team can't have two leaders. It just doesn't work.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

The leader of the Titans is Zack Braff?

cooltopten said...

The power struggle has started :)

Kid Flash said...

How would Cassandra have puppies?
Oh and the Flash keeps saying that YOu have to explain the Birds and the Bees. Not sure what there is to explain, there is a clear difference between birds and bees.
Oh and since your at LG2 I'm gonna be borowing the money you earned. Cause I asked the "Leader O Douchebag" and he said yes.

batman said...

we may not see eye to eye half the time but good luck.

Kon-El said...

Professor X: yes it is And i don't even think I'm gettin' paid here!

Jon: That would actually be better, than what we got.

Cool yes it has.

Kid Flash: because I ain't really sure what saiyans are. Theyt seem to be part ape, part bird, part human, part something .. dogs may be in there somehwere. Ok As for the b&b There's a tape under my red and blue costume by the pile O' Pizza boxes called Naughty night nurses, that should give you th basics, and I'll answer any questions when i come back.

Batman : how kinda nice of ya.