Sunday, June 24, 2007

Superman: Looks like I have to deal with Conner

Wonder woman and Batman are after me to try to put some kind of controls on Kon-El After the so called "Hot tub incident. Wonder Woman is concerned about Wonder Girl's mental state. Since well she didn't try to crush X-23. And Starfire. Roy Is yelling at me that he somehow controlled Starfire.

He can't control a vacuum cleaner I doubt he controlled her. I also doubt she wanted anything more than to sit in the hot tub. Batman who's still mad that Conner used to date his precious Cassandra.

Bruce I think you should worry more about the half saiyan that's with her now. So Ok Bruce Stop suggesting thing like a Kryptonite chastity belt. Diana o More neutering suggestions. Our Wally's idea.

The Flash ran up to me and said " I have two words for Conner ! Salt. Peter."

So I had a talk with him about it. " Conner the way you've been acting towards girls lately Inappropriate."

" What have I done?" he protests.

" The hot tub thing for starters."

" Ok No one did anything in the hot tub, Kara is blowing that waaaay out of proportion. "

" Ok How about how you were acting in LGS 2?" I ask.

" I was tryin' to get ratings and stay on the show!" He protests. Besides your not really one to talk there Supes."

" What are you talking about Conner?"

" I found this pic the other day, in your trunk, that you keep at the Kent Barn. "

He shows me this.

" Great Krypton! Now um Conner... I Um... "

" Don't worry about it. " He laughs. " I seem to get it honestly. Don't worry I'll probably settle down someday. But tell me this wasn't your idea to confront me about this was it? it was Oh I dunno Batman? I mean the dude hasn't had a date since the Macraena was popular. "

I couldn't help but laugh at that one a little bit. But now I'm a little worried that Conner got his roving eye from something in my genes.


Vincent Valentine said...

If he skipped out on most of his childhood experiences, then he's simply making up for lost time. It's better for him to make mistakes now and learn, then fail and loose.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

What's wrong with a couple of pecks on the cheek from a couple of wholesome young ladies?

Synth-Lin said...

You like redheads too Superman.

Well who doesn't.

Love you all.


Batman said...

if you change your mind i have plenty of Kryptonite.