Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kon: Hard decision time.

I talked to Kid Flash a bit, and He didn't really help on the whole "Tell Tim his ex walks among the living thing." Though Bart would understand it better, than HS Who grew up around Veg head an his weirdness, people bein' wished back from the dead, is pretty normal to him, while to guys like me and Bart? Is weird and new.

I hear Miss Martian's cheery voice behind me. " Wanna see my plushie?"

" No Not.... Wait what?"

" My plush superman ! " She grins showing me the toy. " Isn't it cute?"

" Yeah.. that's great Meagan. "

" Something wrong Conner?" She asks. smiling" Can I help?'

" I doubt it, Robin's girlfriend was I think wished back, and I gotta figure out how to tell him."

" That's glorious !" She shouts. " Tim should be happy!"

" I dunno, I mean he just got over it and all, And I'm afraid he'd be mad at Batgirl for doing the whole wishing back, because well Veg head or Goku wouldn't have a reason."

" You know that these Um dragon balls Tee -Hee! Are how Spoiler came back?"

" Stay outta my mind!" I see tears well up in her eyes. " Um sorry. Yeah the Dragon balls are kinda lie um well they make physics their bitch and spank it down. Well that's what HS tells me, and well I was apparently brought back with them. Probably Raven knows of them I guess."

" You humans are so silly ." She pats my shoulder. " This is a good thing, even if they don't get back together or anything it would be good, to know she is alive. I'd want to know and would be happy."

" Your always happy." I point out.

" True. " she shrugs. " Pick up the phone and tell him. "

Yeah. Gotta like the direct approach. So I call up Tim's cell phone it rings a bit. "Hello?"

" Tim... it's Conner. "

" What did you do now? " He sighs.

" Nothin'!" I protest " Why would you think I did anything?"

" Because your you, and because Dick keeps about something here being your fault. So we're here in West City about something, and he says your involved."

uh-oh. " Not really Tim. But I have some prior knowledge because of Vegeta, and Supes knowin' each other, and um well how I came back from the dead."

" Ok. Vegeta would explain why we're in West City. " He says. " but not why Dick Stopped to talk to the Question."

" Question? " That's a shock to me. " Which one? "

" Guy."

" Not sure about that Tim. So um have you heard of Dragonballs?"

He makes a sighing sound. " Conner I swear if you called me to tell me about some kind of porno... "

" No Tim, Look I'll get to the point I saw Steph."

Silence. Then finally. " You have ghost vision now? or do you mean in the after life? Look If your going to tell me you had some kinda after life affair with Spoiler, I forgive you ok?"

" No I mean I saw her alive dude, alive and joking. We kinda had a little fight in Gotham. And I think Cass wished her back usin' the D-balls."

" I don't know who's screwing with your head Conner, but they did a good job, It wasn't Steph, and whoever that was is sick. I'm over her death, now. Wait a sec. I get I get it Batman was trying to convince me she was alive, as some kind of test are you in on it with him?"

What is this resurrection denial? " Tim I talked to her... I wouldn't mess with your head like Batman. "

" Oh I get it Batman fooled you too huh?" Look I gotta talk to you later ok ? We'll both confront Batman about his using us later ok? But um maybe you should get Superman to back us up huh? If it's not Batman, then I'll find whoever it is , and put them down hard! Talk to you later."

Oh great Poor Tim, when he sees her... Why the Hell is Nightwing taking Tim to see her? I mean I know it wouldn't be the best thing in the world for him to run into her at the next big Crisis or whatever. But damn instead of easing him into the idea of her bein' back he's just gonna show her. Well at least Dick once again lives up to his name.


Nightwing said...

I live up to my name in more ways then one.

Professor Xavier said...

Oh sure, you get a plushie. What about me? Doesn't the founder of the X-Men rate for anything? Am I going to have to start wearing spandex now just to get some respect?

Spoiler said...

Hey don't worry about it Conner, It's not your problem, It's ours, And Hey um sorry about the calls but us Living dead gotta stick togther ya know.

Batman said...

I'm prety sure you have a plushie somewhere Xavier.

Kon-El said...

Nightwing: Should you really be happy tahat your a jerk, and stupid?

Prof. Well don't have a plushie eithermaybe because I stopped wearing the spandex.

Steph: No prob, though I think Cassie is a little mad.

Bats Likeley he does.

10:44 PM