Thursday, June 07, 2007

Supergirl: Why? Jason Todd Why?????

Heya Kara here, I just found out All that crystal nonsense was some bimbo testing me to see if I was a universal anomaly or some junk. Whatever, Whore! I totally beat you good.

Anyway Something really bad has happened that effects all the meta human women of the planet badly maybe the whole Universe! Man it's even worse than My cousin Conner's after saiyan war party with that stupid hot tub he built on Hacknor then installed in Titan's Tower

Seriously X-23 you can do better . And Conner isn't that your friend's ex? I mean I don't know about Earth but Krypton has rules about that sort of thing. Starfire I don't know what's in that wine glass there but I know you drank too much of it to be where you are. And Cassie Why In Rao's name are you putting up with that? I was so speechless to see you there twirling your lasso like an idiot.

I am so glad I talked Vella out of going to the tower that night. That would have probably traumatised her. Or Conner would have done something that would get him killed by like a saiyan executioner or something.

But no this tragedy is worse than my idiot clone of a cousin. And that's saying something. No it's this! It's so bad That I really can't look again, if you have like some kinda condition that will be affected by seeing things that should never happen like totally look away now!

It makes me cry every time I see it. Damn you Jason Todd! You can punch Robin in the face all you want, But when you do that to Nightwing!!! GRRRRRRRAAARRRR!!!!

Why? Is it because your lame pick up lines and bad breathe scare away superheriones , that you have to try and punish us all by hitting Nightwing there? Well we are not going to let you get away with that! We're going to hunt you down Jason Todd , and ,and well we'll do something bad. And no amount of lame net lingo will save you!

So watch out Red Hood! And oh yeah guess what? I told Jimmy Olsen your Secret Identity! Yeah like everyone knows it now! Ha! Excuse me I gotta go smack Conner for laughing at the Nightwing injury. Get better soon Nightwing!


Robin said...

That's it Kara, I took back all the times I let you beat me in Pacman.

Next time you get punched in the face I'll just alguh...wait, what the...

Okay, why Conner have to turn the jacusi in to a champagne room? THat's it, he's sooo gonna do triple the training.

Nightwing said...

It's okay Kara I'm doing fine, but thanks a lot for showing so much consideration.

As for Jason, well we all know the Lazarus Pit has maddening effects so it was understandable. However Conner, being the childish test tube baby that he is don't beat him to hard. But still do.

Kon-El said...

I'm sorry but Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! ( Wait how can Rob be at two places at once?)

Robin said...

It's called Nightwing forcibly dragging me to New York because apparently if I go to gotham "I'm gonna be in Rehab all over again" he then muttered something about why nobody stays dead, killing you, Cassandra and Vincent?

Am I missing out on something?

Kid Flash said...

Ouch that's gotta hurt, but really Nightwing should be a lot faster. On another note, who'd win in a fight...She-Hulk or you?

Kon-El said...

Yeah Rob.....Steph's alive.

supergirl said...

Robin: Yeesh. It'I didn't mean it how it sounded.

Nightwing : Your welcome, And when i find Conner he's going to get it.

Kid Flash: Me just by the fact I wouldn't sleep with Tony Stark