Sunday, June 17, 2007

Of Pranks and dumb kids.

So Superman Is trying to get me to like Chris Kent. Who is he you ask? Well He's like General Zod's Kid from the Phantom Zone. ( I didn't know you can like do it in the Phantom Zone.)

Supes Says. " Conner you need to stop acting like you hate him."

" Well then how will he get get the hint that I do hate him?" I joke.

" Conner he looks up to you." Kal tires to guilt me. " One day He'll be Superboy, to your Superman."

" Nah. Likely he'll be the General Zod to my Superman. " I mumble.

" Kon. You of all people shouldn't hold some one's genetics against them."

" Yeah Yeah, Because of the whole Luthor thing . " I remark.

" Exactly. Now you should take him to Titan's Tower. So you two can bond. "

Great. Supes, wants me to to sleep in the same place as this kid, who'll probably pull a Damien on me. And I don't mean The Kid from the Omen. I mean Batman's son that beat down Robin, and tried to take his place. I stare at the kid who all the sudden yells "Kneel before Chris!" Man!

On th way too the tower I Finally tell him " You really need to cool it with the kneel stuff kid."

" Why?"

I sigh. " Because is why. And don't ask me to explain, Because I'll I'd have to explain it to Bart too. And Robin has banned me from explainin' things to Bart. "

" Why don't you just hit Robin? He's only human."

"Because I'd rather have a friend than you know a a body with a big stump at the end of the neck layin' at the ground. And if your gonna do the good guy thing, the Black Adam route doesn't really end well."

The next morning he totally didn't take my advise And yelled Kneel before Chris at Ravager, Which started a fight, which destroyed the TV room. And really a six year old with Superman powers is a bad thing as what's left of my 360 can tell you. I'm so gettin' that kid's allowance for the next few months.

Where was I during this? I was asleep ,and wake up to this.

" Gah! No! I've turned into Superboy Blue! I don't want lame energy powers!"

I hear laughing outside, and it's that idiot Zachary Zatara." Hahahahahahahaha! Don't worry muscle head, the spell is only temporary. I told you I'd get you back for humiliating me!"

Idiot. Ok then time to show everyone Something that us Titans have been laughing about for weeks. Ya see Raven , and Zatara have their room split in half.

Raven's half:

Zack's half maybe a little much for some stomachs but here ya go.

All that pink burns my eyes.

Well I gotta go I hear Chris arguing with Miss Martian, How the heck do you anger Miss Martian? I dunno, but that kid found a way.


Professor Xavier said...

For the sole survivor of the planet Krypton, there are certainly a lot of Kryptonians walking (or whatever) around.

Kid Flash said...

HA! Ate the oreos before he did!

Nightwing said...

Remember, Conner is half lex luthor. So he's not really a kryptonian.

Robin said...

Call me a scamp and I tell Batman, Oracle and Nightwing every dirty act you and Cassandra did.

Vincent Valentine said...

Children are...different. They're untainted, pure and innocent. Something we all were at some point.

Kon-El said...

Prof. Xavier : I know Why won't they stop showin' up?

Kid Flash: Good for you Bart.

Nightwing: I'm Kryptonian enough.

Robin: Since you know about she doesn't seem to mind braggin' about about it. And Oracle wanted her to have a regular relationship, well she likely won't care. And Bats can't hate me anymore ya little scamp.

Vincent Valentine: I wasn't I came outta the clone tank like this.